04 May 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 4 May 2010

Featured MW2 Video
The Ken Burton Show Part 61: Shotgun Debate

Uploaded 30 April 2010 on Machinima

    Not much in the way of CoD news, but we have some spiffy MW2 vids. Today's first MW2 vid features Ken Burton trying out the AA-12 auto shotgun on Scrapyard. He wonders why so many players favor the SPAS-12 shotgun. (Anyone who has seen Sandy Ravage brutalize enemies with the SPAS-12 with grip can answer that.) Second is a music-only TDM on Quarry with MrCynical13 taking apart the enemy with the aforesaid SPAS-12. Finally, Pyrotoz takes the Riot Shield out for a spin on Rundown, pancaking enemies left and right in a spiffy tutorial on the proper use of the Shield.
    On the Halo side of the house, there are a couple of intro vids about the beta multiplayer modes for newbs like myself. After that, two first impression vids are lined up. On to the CoD links:

Team Deathmatch 1: Quarry w/ SPAS-12
(No commentary; music only)

Uploaded 1 May 2010 by MrCynical13

Pyrotoz's Riot Shield Tips on Rundown

Uploaded 3 May 2010 on MachinimaRespawn

    More Gaming Links:

Halo: Reach The Multiplayer Modes

Uploaded 3 May 2010 on IGNEntertainment

Inside Gaming Halo Reach Special Edition

Uploaded 4 May 2010 on MachinimaRespawn

Halo Reach First Impressions

Uploaded 3 May 2010 by Mr360Games

Halo: Reach Beta First impressions

Uploaded 3 May 2010 by Centerstrain01
How to unlock your Halo: Reach beta hoodie

Uploaded 3 May 2010 by HaloWaypoint

Uploaded 3 May 2010 on IGNEntertainment

Is this Freudian or what?
Yes, it certainly is.
    Non-Gaming Links:
Journey - Separate Ways

Uploaded 26 February 2010 on JourneyVEVO


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