Hub Night and Get-together Pics, 2010

Moroney's Hub, 25 October 2010

Finally, off the rack clothes... Seriously...

Peaches in a nice candid shot by Reibo

Peaches changes out a keg

Barbeque at Dennis and Rose's - 22 May 2010
   In no particular order, here are the pics Reibo and I took on 22 May 2010. Click on the pics to view full-size or do the save-as thang:

Here's Rose's overhead shot of the whole motley crew:

Roseanne's Birthday Bash - 28 April 2010

    Spirits were high as the few, the proud, the hard-drinking gathered to wish Roseanne a Happy Birthday! at Moroney's Hub in Beacon. Hizzoner Bob Phillips, the Unofficial Mayor of Beacon, was there to add some class. Rose and Dennis Quirk were there to add to the hilarity. George Danko, my hard-working and hard-smoking cohort from NXP, came by. Berta and Hopper couldn't make it, and they were sorely missed, but I'll email them the link so they can see the pictures.  Here are the pics, some of them blackmail-worthy, from the party (click on the pic for the full-size version):

 I'm not smiling because I'm drunk; I'm smiling because Rose is pressed up tight against me.

Here's a cleaner version of that pic.

Rose and Dennis Quirk were both lookin' good!

 Teddy poses with Bob 'The Mayor' Phillips

 Hizzoner gets some appreciation from Teddy!

When Peaches speaks, the boys take note.

Reibo wowed us with his juke skills, as usual.

George took a break from his studies to join us.

 Reibo and the Birthday Girl!

    It was a fantastic time! Being able to share times like these with good friends like Rose and the NXP gang make it all worthwhile!
    Happy Birthday, Rose! Love ya!

Hub Night - 14 April 2010

   Here are some pics from last night's (14 April 2010) get-together at Moroney's Hub. (Click on them to enlarge or right click to download.) Roseanne sadly had to cancel, and she was missed so much! (I did play Neil Young's "Rockin in the free world!" tho Reibo had to help me find it on the Jukebox! I had timed it to be mid-way through the song list so she would have been there when it played.) We're planning to go back in 2 weeks on 28 April 2010, tho, to celebrate her birthday!

The Hub Crew (minus Roseanne)
L to R: Bob, me, Rose Q., Dennis Q.,
and ReiboChief

The Three Amigos

Four (out of) Work Buddies

The Look of Love
Bob's looking past, not at, Reibo

Reibo watching a Jukebox Jacking
You just don't jump the song queue!

Dubious Dennis

 Some Sugar from Peaches

    Remember: We'll be hubbing again, 28 April 2010, at Moroney's in Beacon, to celebrate Roseanne's b-day! Google Maps directions are below. Just click "View Larger Map" to plug in your starting address and driving directions to Moroney's will automagically appear!

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