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    Sandy Ravage is a gamer who really, really dislikes boosters. Boosters are a virtual plague in Free-for-all matches in Modern Warfare 2, as they were in Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Boosters are players who use an in-game mechanic (like the Tactical Insertion in Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer) to allow them to exchange kills, headshots, etc. to artificially inflate their stats. Is it a violation of Xbox Live CoU or ToS? No. Is it cheating? Definitely. Is it outright douchebaggery. Frackin' A!
    Starting with Xbox Live and now branching out to PSNet, Sandy Ravage, operating under different gamertags, has made it his mission to act as a deterrent to boosters. Check out this exclusive 2Old2Play site interview with Sandy Ravage "There'll be no boosting in his town!" for more background. Additional interviews: Complex Magazine; Modern Warfare 2 podcast. You can also visit Sandy Ravage's own website: The Sandy Ravage.
    Here are Sandy Ravage's greatest hits, courtesy of his YouTube channel and Machinima.

Modern Warfare 2: Booster Justice

Modern Warfare 2: Booster Justice 2:
Boost Harder

    Others are following in Sandy Ravage's footsteps, wreaking havoc with cheating douchebags on Xbox Live and PSNet. Begun the booster wars have.

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