10 September 2009

Just foolin' around...

Don't expect much. Almost by definition, a blog features a lot of content of interest only to the blogger. And, natch, everyone's favorite subject is him/herself. It's my first blog. I'm rarely at a loss for words (something a lot of people have regretted over the years). Might as well start with the name of the place. It's my online handle. On the web & in gaming, I've gone by some variation of "Joker" since around 1998. I'd played Quake2 online for 30 secs, and I'd been fragged about 10 times. I didn't go online again until Half-life deathmatch and Team Fortress Classic came around. I played as "=Joker=" on HL DM and TFC to differentiate myself from all the other jokers named "Joker" playing FPSes.

The HQ in the title refers to my stint in the US Army. I was an infantryman in the 25th ID back in the late '80s. (Peacetime only, unless you count scuffles in Waikiki...)

I couldn't just be "Joker" because some bucketass got there first, so I added the extra number. But don't let the number on the end fool you. There's only one Joker. And I always have the last laugh.

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