25 September 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Default Classes Revealed & more! (YouTube)

Some amazing bits of info here on the menu screens for the 5 default classes in Modern Warfare 2. The perks are arranged in the three tiers familiar to CoD4/W@W players, with a 4th tier -- the Death Streak perk -- added on. (The Death Streak gives one round bonuses to players who get fragged a certain number of times. Get wasted 4 times in a row & you can use the Copycat Death Streak perk to steal the class setup of the douche who fragged you.) There are perks for double attachments, for unlimited sprint, for increased melee strike distance (the mysterious "crossed knives" perk symbol is explained at last), and more...

The dude who posted it disabled embedding, so here's the direct link to YouTube: Click here! 

fourzerotwo on customization via YouTube: Click here!

90 sec clip of multiplayer on High Rise: Click here!

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