27 September 2009

Morning Vent, 27 September 2009

0447 hrs: So, this is getting old... I mean, me. Tomorrow, I turn 48. It's weird. I remember thinking how I would be 38 in the year 2000, and, when I was young, that seemed a long way off. Yikes!

Had a good gaming night last night, tho we didn't play versus multiplayer until almost the end of the night. We played mostly co-op on World at War. I really enjoy co-op: There are no cheaters. You still get a modest amount of XP on there from completing co-op challenges. You still get to blow stuff up. What more do you need?

I suggested to Matt & Reibo that we mix it up with CoD2 & CoD3 co-op, if it's doable, just for variety.

Pic of the Day:

I'm still not buying Halo 3: ODST right away, unless some incredible bargain drops into my lap.

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