26 October 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming News, 26 October 2009

What he lacks in reflexes, he makes up for in sneakiness...

  • TheModernWarfare2.com site has a list of the MW 2 weapons
  • TheModernWarfare2.com site also has a list of MW2 perks.
  • Third-person is said to be a new playlist on MW2. The link features an ostensible list of all the available playlists for MW2. I don't see HC FFA on there, which is a bummer. HC FFA was on of the most requested play modes for CoD4, and I can't believe they didn't include it.
  • BASHandSlash has a link to the vid, too, & urges you to watch it before it's yanked. Here's a list of the playlist game types from the same article:
Capture the Flag
Headquarters Pro
Search and Destroy
Team Deathmatch
3rd Person Team Deathmatch

(Hardcore) Team Deathmatch
(Hardcore) Search and Destroy
(Hardcore) 3rd Person Team Deathmatch
(Hardcore) 3rd Person Cagematch

  • 411mania mentions & discusses the MW2 dedi server petition, which has reached almost 159,000 sigs.
  • Over on the IW MW PC forum, a couple of extremely large threads on the dedicated PC protest have been "accidentally" deleted. All wrong-doing has been denied, but it's hilarious and highly suspicious that this little mixup happened just now. Maybe someone's Freudian slip is showing.
  • Co-Optimus has an article up with info about MW2's Spec Ops 2 man co-op.
  • Unsurprisingly, GamesIndustry.biz says MW2 is November's most anticipated title.
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