27 October 2009

Call of Duty & Gaming News, 27 October 2009

IW is busy doing this with the PC crowd...
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  • GamesRadar has an article on that perennial pipe dream, 3D Gaming, this time using Nvidia's LCD shutter glasses. Disclaimer snipped from the article shows why this is still a pipe dream: But then there’s the cost. $199 seems too pricey for most gamers who could use that kind of cash to upgrade their rig, or buy more games. It’s also important to keep in mind that the Nvidia 3D Vision kit requires a monitor or HDTV that supports 120 Hz refresh rates. Unless you’re already rocking a monitor that supports 120 Hz, this can easily add another couple of hundred dollars to the cost of upgrading to 3D Vision.
  • Double Viking has a vid on how to do the 3D thing with the red/blue glasses for only 2 bucks. It turns out the anaglyph version of the software for this is free from Nvidia. All you need are the el cheapo plastic glasses, and you can game in glorious, headache-inducing red/blue 3D.
  • Never date a girl gamer.
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