31 October 2009

Call of Duty & Gaming News, Halloween, 2009

MW2 character Ghost... Apropos for Halloween!

The uproar about the leaked terrorism vid hasn't died down just yet. IGN conducted a non-scientific poll on its website. The results are here. I'm gonna put on my tinfoil hat here. A lot of folks feel that IW has changed, that its attitude towards players in general and PC players in particular has changed. I wonder if it's because there was a management change. Grant Collierco-founder and former president of Infinity Ward, was exiled moved to an important job at Activision, and fellow co-founders Jason West and Vince Zampella apparently took over as CEOs, with Zampella as the front man. It seems weird that one of the guys who spearheaded the push for the original Modern Warfare was expunged from IW... On to the links.

Yes, it's a tactical nuke killstreak bonus!
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