10 October 2009

Evening Rant, 10 October 2009

I've kinda put W@W away now. It's time to tune up for MW2. There are only 30 days left. So, tonight I played some CoD4 HC TDM with Reibochief and some of his usual crew. It was not an auspicious night for TDM. My W/L ratio went down from 1.02 to .98 due to several ass-kickings. After a while, the other players got frustrated with the game and moved on to play other stuff. So, I started playing Cod4 Free-for-All, which is not HC. Well, I started off slow, but I wound up winning the last game 25/10. I got some really good kills. I managed to call in an airstrike, which killed no one, but got a pistol kill (I was out of ammo on the primary) which got me a helicopter for a few more kills. Let me tell you, the level of satisfaction was amazing. As you two regular readers know, I'm old. And it felt just spiffy to mop up the floor with these young whippersnappers... If I was a married man, I'd be a major stallion with the missus tonight.

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