09 October 2009

Modern Warfare 2 News (Hooahh! edition), 9 October 2009

Afternoon Links:

For all the pipsqueaks who kicked my ass at CoD4 last night: Hey, I'm just rusty. It was my first day with a new CoD4 XIM360 config. Lag. That's it. It was laaaagggggg. And just in case I didn't get my point across to the little bucketasses, let them keep this Actiontrip cartoon in mind.

Microsoft warns of a MW2 phishing scam. Click here!

IGN hands on with the MW2 sidearms. Click here! 

IGN reports on the MW2 Callsign editor. Click here!

Older stuff:

I totally missed the Spike MW2 video. (I was getting my ass kicked at CoD4.) Videogame Republic has the story. Click here! 

Here's a direct link to the GameTrailers video. Click here!

NowGamer has a mostly-old story about suggestions for MW2 being tweeted in by CoD4 players/fans. Click here!

The Examiner has a tip-off about a boss enemy in the MW 2 co-op "Spec Ops" mode. Click here!

HolyFragger has a mostly not-new news article on MW2. Click here!

IncGamers has a report of an Irish bookie giving great odds for Modern Warfare 2 to kick ass in the UK. Click here!

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