08 October 2009

Modern Warfare 2 News (Vertigo Edition), 8 October 2009

 Tom's Hardware has a WTF report about how parent company Activision didn't want to do CoD4 as Modern Warfare. They wanted more WWII. Click here!

Tom's Hardware reports on the MW2 PC delay. Click here! The MW2 PC forum thread from confused & disgruntled PC players had reportedly reached 156 pages as of 0900 hrs, 07 October 2009. Still no official word on this, other than the blank statement of a delay in the PC version's delay. Fourzerotwo tweeted that he's trying to get details on the issue. Click here for his blogsite, which contains the statement that everything was cool on the PC version before he left on his latest trip. What that means, what kind of bug was found, is open to speculation... We're waiting on the official word.

Videogames Republic has this on the MW2 PC delay. Click here! 

Nice summary of the Modern Warfare NPCs. Click here!

GameTrailers has news of exclusive MW2 content being displayed on Spike TV 12:30AM, Thursday. Click here! 

Push has footage of MW2 sniping action. Click here!

GameStop Modern Warfare 2 online sweepstakes. Click here! Hmmmm. Of course, I pre-ordered like 3 seconds after the game became available, so I already lost my receipt. I wonder if the GameStop guys can print me out one or get the receipt codes off of it.

Is MW2's depiction of Washington, DC going too far?  ActionTrip has a rundown on the namby-pamby folks who think a blown up DC is too extreme. Click here! Apparently, those with objections haven't seen Independence Day. In those pre-9/11 days, the audience at my local theater roared their approval when they saw the White House zapped. OTOH, those were the Bill & Hill days.

The Escapist has a story on the over-reaction as well. Click here!

Ars Technica has a MW2 Xbox 360 contest. Make a movie & win a Modern Warfare-themed Xbox 360. Click here!

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