10 October 2009

Morning Rant, 10 October 2009

Great Yankees game last night! (And a great Yankee party too! Thanks, Rose! Love ya!) It was a really exciting game, a nail-biter right to the end. The last relief pitcher the Yankees brought up looked like he just got off a plane from some college team. But they did it, thanks to a Texeira walk-off home run that hit the top of the left field wall near the pole and bounced fair into the stands. Of course, the majorly blown foul line call (almost in the same spot that Texeira hit his homer) that kept the Twins from scoring a run also had a lot to do with it... The Twins fans must be livid, since the replay clearly showed the ball a foot fair into left field. I wouldn't want to be that umpire today. Or him at the next game he calls with the Twins. Here's a nice recap. Click here!

Anticipation is running high for me for the Jets Monday night game, with the Jets versus the Flippers. My brother, Reibochief, will tell you that one of my favorite games of all time was when the Jets handed Dan Marino's ass to him in a basket. It was a spoiler game, and I loved seeing Dan Marino sacked over and over and over. He looked so amazingly pissed. Never could stand that guy. He looked good with our dirt on his uniform. Here's a Floridian preview of Monday night's game. Click here!

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