15 October 2009

Morning Vent, 15 October 2009

PM Shrimp Update:

The Po'town trip went well. Bobster, in asking his questions, got a lot of my nagging questions answered. Some slight relief... Afterwards, we hit Dead Lobster for their trademark Endless Shrimp promotion. Between the 3 of us, we put a hurtin' on the kitchen help with several courses of Cajun shrimp and the super-scrumptions teriyaki-glazed shrimp. It was amazing...

Pre Shrimp Stuff:

Applied for the Xbox Live Twitter beta. I don't use Twitter much, tho. Facebook is also being tested on Xbox Live, tho I don't have a Facebook page. I'm a bit hesitant to have multiple sites with a lot of personal information on them. I've already got job-searching sites loaded with my personal info, and that's risky enough.

Going to Po'town today to try to get my updated DD-214 ordered. Hopefully, that'll go well. (Update: Did it online. Still going to Po'town as Bobster is riding with me. Reibochief's going, also, as we're going to try to hit Red Lobster for the endless shrimp extravanganza.)

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