08 October 2009

Morning Vent (Hangover Edition), 8 October 2009

So, Brooks Robinson. Check out his amazing career. Click here!

The Yankee game was pretty amazing. Derek Jeter is awesome. A-Rod is hopefully avoiding his usual playoff choke. The coolest thing was the closing pitcher rotation. Hughes came out for a couple of outs, then Coke, & Joba pitched one out. After that, the Sandman came in to get the last out & seal the deal, 7-2, Yankees.

At the Yankee Tavern, I was stunned when the bartender calmly charged me $34 dollars American for 1 Guiness, 1 Yuengling, & 2 Coors Light drafts. Drafts. A bottle of beer at Yankee Stadium is $9, and the vendors are pretty amusing. So, I don't think, as much as I like the place, that I'm going to The Yankee Tavern any time soon.

Gamer buddy Bryanpaintballi told me about this, which I hadn't heard about. Click here! I couldn't believe it. Related? (Update: Bryan tells me he wasn't the one who cued me in, but I was pretty buzzed so, I'm blaming alcohol and old age for the error.)

The tailgate party had an annoying aftermath. The battery was drained & wouldn't start up the van. Luckily, some really nice kids were close by, and they gave us a jump. I get cynical sometimes about people. Honestly, I don't know if I'd be willing to help total strangers like that given the stuff that goes on in the world. But they did. God bless them, each & every one.

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Bryan said...

Its a good thing you found out about Brooks Robinson because I COMPLETELY forgot about him.

BTW - I definitely didn't tell you about the yankee tavern and the tax evasion. But its interesting and makes sense.

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