29 November 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 29 November 2009

Winning hearts and minds requires a sense of humor...

(I got ahead of myself and forgot to post this on 28 November, so here it is, a couple of days late.)

   I got on Xbox Live late Thanksgiving night, around 10PM. In one of the lobbies, we went up against an enemy team that was 4/6ths clanners. We had a really good match on Terminal, spawning as the Rangers and holding the food court/bookstore/luggage claim choke points. The other team was actually pretty good, but the defense position on that area of the map is really strong. Predictably, when we got out in the lobby, one of the clanners started a chorus of "Campers!" Now, I never say squat in the public lobby beyond a pre-game "Good luck!" A couple of my team-mates were pretty young -- like 30 years younger than me -- and they couldn't resist answering back. I never answer back because even worse than having my ass kicked is having my ass kicked after my team has talked a lot of smack.
   The next map was Wasteland, a map on which I traditionally have acted as my team's bullet-magnet. I've started going sniper on that map, tho, for the protection of the ghillie suit and in my quest to rank up the WA2000. (I assume that Infinity Ward prevents non-snipers from using the ghillie camouflage since it would be overpowered with some of the other weapons. If I had the ghillie and a silenced LMG... Oh, baby!) We spawned as the Spetznaz, and other team started sniping the shit out of us right off the bat. We were down by 10 kills or so pretty fast. I lucked out and spawned near one of the hedgerows near a bunker entrance. My team-mate, Rubindenho spawned to my right, also ghillied up. I crept over to the left, covering that flank with a good FOV on the trench approach while he covered the right flank. Our ghillies made us hard to spot in the tall grass and against the background of the hedgerow. 
   It was a magic moment. I was getting Raffica kills on enemies crossing left to right across my field of fire all the way down to the minigun emplacement. After the first couple, they knew almost exactly where Rubin and I were, but because of our ghillies, we were able to down them before they spotted us. It was a Sudden Burst of Skill™ that I wish I could manufacture and sell in six-packs, people. When almost the entire enemy team rushed the hedgerow, I got fragged after a 14 kill streak, but the Spawn Gods looked down on our team kindly. We were 6 kills up when I respawned in the tank graveyard with about 2 minutes to go. I had selected the silenced LMG class and a bellied down picking off a couple of more enemy stragglers before the time limit.
   I didn't hear what the enemy team said since I had muted all 4 of the clanners while in the pre-game lobby. A couple had apparently rage-quit during the match. Victory doesn't get any sweeter than that. On to the links:
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