11 November 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming News, 11 November 2009

Yep, I was right. I was everybody's bitch...

After getting stuck on the last level of the Modern Warfare 2 single player, I turned, with great trepidation, to multiplayer. The final verdict is still out on the latter. Like CoD4 before it, hardcore is locked out until you rank up to it. And, like most players inclined to camping, I hate the narc mini-map that gives away your position as soon as you fire off a burst. So far, it feels just like CoD4's multiplayer, for both good and ill. There's still a feeling of getting ripped off occasionally by the spawning. And there's something inherently depressing about winning a taut one-on-one firefight with a player only to have some Timmy nip around the corner and take you out with a burst in the asspipe because he saw your flashing dot on the mini-map.

The weapon set and attachments are interesting. I noticed that the ammo loadouts have been decreased. There's only a 40 round reserve (I assume one mag) on the SCAR assault rifle. In CoD4, I never used to live long enough to run out of ammo; with the bigger maps, I'm running out a lot more frequently in MW2. I guess it's an IW ploy to decrease camping. (In the Army, I was never in combat, but even in field exercises, I always carried at least 180 rounds of spare blank ammo.) Again, the jury is still out because I haven't ranked up. Likewise, it remains to be see what, if anything, will be gained by prestiging. On to the day's links:

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