15 November 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming News, 15 November 2009

MW2 Multiplayer rocks... except for complainers!

Modern Warfare 2 Afterthoughts

In the wake of yesterday's blog about difficulty levels, I started playing the Modern Warfare 2 single player on my other 360. After running thru the Pit, the game recommended Hardened as the difficulty level, but I opted for Regular. An interesting thing happened: I think the game stayed on Hardened despite my selection. On my other Xbox 360, I had breezed through the single player in about 6 hours earlier in the week. I thought the game was actually kind of easy on Regular until I got to the very last mission, and that was not due to the inherent difficulty of that level on Regular, it was because of my own lack of coordination. Last night, it seemed that MW2 was determined to screw me over with Hardened with bullets flying in from everywhere, grenades landing in my lap, and enemies flanking me all over the place. Once I took a good hit, my FOV was so covered with blood spatter that I was a sitting duck for every AI douchebag within shooting range. I was so annoyed that I just stopped playing. When my balls recover from their bruising, I might start a new game to see if it was all my imagination. I'll purposely run a mediocre Pit to get Regular as a difficulty level and retry it. Props to all you guys who play these CoD games on Veteran difficulty. I can't imagine how good (or perhaps masochistic) you guys are... :D

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