16 November 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming News, 16 November 2009

MW2 features many campaign locations where you can die... a lot...

   I returned to the single player campaign I started on my other Xbox 360. By dint of prodigious dying, I got through the sticking point I was at (getting hosed by insurgents from the rooftops before I could take 2 steps from the wrecked Hummvee). I then got stuck in another WTF? section again in Favela for a while before I managed to literally stumble through. I've got the aim assist turned off, in order to use the the mouse and keyboard goodness of the XIM360 adapter, so targeting is all me. There's no "snap-to" except for when I fall down some alley or cliff and break every bone in my virtual body. For players maximizing their suckage, like me, this whole blood spatter thing IW has used to replace the prior red-tinted wounded/dying FOV is a pain in the ass. There are whole sections of the game that I recall only as viscous droplets of my own blood flowing across my (presumably cool) eye protection.
   I guess, since I've started the campaign on the other Xbox, I'll try to finish it. But I'm dreading it instead of anticipating it. If I ever want to punish myself by playing the single player campaign, I'll do it on "pussy" mode to see if there's a difference in the sections that I felt were a crank.

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