17 November 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming News, 17 November 2009

His kung fu is good, even under enemy fire... 'Course, they're firing at me!

   I'm almost finished with the Modern Warfare 2 single player campaign again. I tried to play multiplayer with Reibo last night but I got repeated error messages that I could not connect to the host. The same thing happened when I tried to accept invites from friends in his party also. I was able to play with randoms on my own, but that sucked so bad that getting repeatedly cheat-killed by the AI in the campaign was less painful. I'm at the point where I got stuck the first time through on the campaign, and I surprised myself by getting through the Boneyard without dying. I even managed to get a few knife kills on unsuspecting enemies along the way...

The Infinity Ward forums are an, um, interesting read. The threads and posts follow only a few different formulae which are universal to all internet forums. Here are some of the most common:

  1. Complaint Post. In this type, someone will bitterly complain about a weapon, perk, or tactic that are objectionable. Related to the Complaint Post, is the Petition Post. This is the activist version of the complaint thread where the poster campaigns solicits forumers to post their votes to have something in the game changed; some weapon or perk needs to be beefed up, or more frequently, nerfed because it's noob to use a weapon that's overpowered.
  2. Penis Measurement post. Typically, the poster will ask whether the anyone has reached this or that benchmark in the game, whether single player or multiplayer, and then casually mention his own jaw-dropping stats. It's blatant attempt to get some affirmation for his "skilz" in the game. You'll see this a lot for CoD4 Mile-High Club or the FNG course run time. (My FNG course time is 20 secs with accuracy bonus on both PC and Xbox 360...Not bad for an older guy! Schwinnngggg!) 
  3. Attention Whore. Usually someone posts some YouTube link with an outrageous killstreak, super lucky kill, or a self-aggrandizing how-to. Some YouTube videos, such as the Mile-High Club link above, appear to be sincere efforts to help people get very difficult gaming achievements. If I ever feel really masochistic again, I might load up CoD4 and give that a try. (How do people record their matches like that, anyway? Do they give up their image quality by going to S-video? Use some sort of capture card interface on a PC?) 
  4. Troll. This post is usually some outrageous inflammatory comment made in order to attract Flame Posts from the intended target audience. You'll see some posters who use the Complaint type and put a little Troll icing on it, e.g.: "All campers are fags!" as the title of the post. Another popular variant is the Nationalist Troll, who blasts a particular nationality. More clever troll: The Heretic will make some outrageous statement like, "Treyarch's World at War multiplayer was better than CoD4's. The Apostate, someone who posts that he/she is quitting the game forever, is really an Attention Whore in Troll guise.
  5. The Newbie. Not to be confused with the pejorative noob, the Newbie post is usually made by someone unfamiliar with the use of forums. They'll ask questions easily answered by FAQs, forum searches, etc. Usually, forumers respond to the Newbie with a generous round of Flame Posts, often leading to an Internet Butthurt.
  6. Flame Post. A flame post usually involves some ad hominem attacks in response to a post which offends the flamer's sensibilities. Some posts deserve to get flame responses. I have to admit I've done it in the past. And today. Nobody's perfect. On to the links:
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