25 November 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming News, 25 November 2009

My original pic went missing, so I've swapped it.

   Sent a tweet to Fourzerotwo about a multiplayer glitch exploit. (I'm not putting a link up. Tho no one reads this blog, I ain't adding to the glitch's popularization.) I hope it gets patched quick, tho. It totally sucks.
   Last night's MW2 HC TDM was less than satisfying. Apparently, I'm plumbing new depths of suck. I again wound up negative in a lot of games. On the move, trying to go anywhere on any map, I'm everybody's bitch. OTOH, I've decided to try my hand at sniping with the WA2000. I've rarely sniped in multiplayer games. Back in the glory days of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, I used to camp the ladder on the beach landing map and pick off enemy soldiers in the radio room doorway, but that's about it. What I want to do is to rack up enough kills with the WA2000 (40, IIRC) to get the ACOG scope. I've been using the ACOG on the SCAR and I like the crosshair/red dot combo of that scope. In CoD4, a lot of folks raved about using that game's ACOG on sniper rifles, so it's worth a try in MW2. So, I've set up my sniper rankup class like this:

WA2000 (with silenced SMG as secondary)
Claymore (mostly to leave behind to help out my team-mates)

   I'm still a bit iffy about it all. Upgrading the weapons is a lot of fun. One of the drawbacks of hardcore, tho, is that a lot of the cool in-game announcements are just not visible. When you get Payback, you can only tell from the money that goes flying off the enemy's dead body. It's also extremely annoying not to have a frackin' compass. I find it a bitch to tell someone where the enemy is when I don't know what direction I'm facing. All in all, I'm enjoying MW2 multiplayer quite a bit less than I did W@W's. I get my ass kicked a lot more in MW2, which probably means IW did a better job of balancing the game overall. I just don't want to admit it. :D On to the links:

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