27 November 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming News, 27 November 2009

   Another crappy gaming night Wednesday, tho it ended in a long string of wins to which I contributed primarily by not being shot too many times. I did have a couple of smoking games on Terminal and Estate after I unlocked the M16A4. By camping the power station on Estate, I managed to down a couple of snipers down by the waterfall area. There's a doorway exit from the greenhouse and a rock outcropping just below where they kept jumping down. I was pretty impressed with myself for a while before I got flanked and blindsided. My ego was soothed a bit tho when I made identical shots at the identical almost across the map distance with the M93 Raffica machinepistol. And got kills with one shot. It's probably human nature, but the asskickings I took yesterday stand out in my memory a lot more.
   I ranked up the WA2000 to get the silencer and I managed to get a couple of kills. I'm still working on my timing with the respiratory pause. I tend to hold the sight picture too long and end up losing it. I got counter-sniped a couple of times by guys who I had in my sights. My goal is still to try that rifle with the ACOG to see how it performs.
   I don't have a "best" map, but my worst map is probably Highrise. I get caught with my pants down all the time. When I'm on the move, if I come around a corner, any enemy will have me cold. Earlier on Wednesday, I played some 1-on-1 with Reibochief on Rust, and I was doing unusually well... The apparent Sudden Burst of Skill™ had me ready to attribute my habitual position on the edge of the Abyss of Suck to lag, bad spawning, and all the other lies gamers tell themselves when they're getting their asses handed to them in a basket. My ego was flattened when he let me know he was just fooling around and not playing seriously.
   It's not all gloom and doom, tho. My shining moment was on Terminal. We were the Rangers, and we were holding the food court area. We had a full crew, so we had guys covering the right side (the gate), the center (the bookstore), and the left (Burger Town). Near the end of the match, half their team rushed Burger Town. I flash-banged, whipped out from the alcove next to the bookstore and put a burst from the Raffica in one of them. I flash-banged again and then Rafficated the other two as they came around the corner. It was a small spark of hope in long, dismal career of being pwned by Timmies. On to the links:
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