06 November 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming News, 6 November 2009

What kind of a nickname is Soap, anyway?

I watched Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels yesterday, and it has a character nicknamed Soap in it... I'm convinced that Vinnie Jones, Jason Statham, and a few others from the Guy Ritchie company would make great SAS troopers in a CoD movie. Chances are, Hollywood would screw it all up. Of course, it might require a Uwe Boll-level screw up to do worse damage to CoD than Infinity Ward has done with it the pranging it's giving to less-than-casual PC players. And, despite all the uproar, they just don't seem to care. Maybe, on a business level, they shouldn't, since the consoles are their bread and butter. But new games and designers have to come from somewhere, and over the years that talent has arisen largely in the PC mod community.

Some of the changes Infinity Ward made in MW2 are, well, cinematic. I don't remember a class on dual-wielding in Infantry School. Maybe I was on sick call that day. It's an iffy thing, gameplay-wise. Halo did that in the Halo series, and I didn't like it much. I was constantly getting pwned by brats dual-wielding. I was meleeing like crazy in those days, so I could only dual-wield for like 15 seconds before I'd melee and drop the extra SMG. It'll be interesting to see how IW has handled the dual-wield thing. Fourzerotwo has said in interviews that the dual-wielding will be balanced, not overpowered. It'd be cool dual-wielding machine-pistols, Underworld or Matrix-style... The riot shield intrigues me as well. On one of the multiplayer streams, I watched a dude try it in 3rd person TDM. Not surprisingly, he was pretty much screwed from the flanks or rear. AFAIK, you can't fire your weapons while you've got it in front of you; rumor is that you can melee with the shield, but it takes 2 strikes to kill. Swapping the riot shield for your weapon, from what I saw, is infernally slow. Another rumor is that, while you've got it stowed on your back, it literally covers your ass. I might be tempted to try that out, if it's true.

I wonder if Den Kirson will be able to do a weapons stat page for Modern Warfare 2. Previously, it was possible to look under the hood of the PC versions with the SDK. With Infinity Ward shutting all of that down in their consolization. Of the PC version of MW2, he might not be able to do it at all. The MW2 page on his site seems to indicate that he's undecided about whether to buy MW2 at all. Four more days to go.
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