07 November 2009

Call of Duty & Gaming Links, 7 November 2009

Three days to go! Keep up the fire!

Watched the 2 multiplayer vids linked below. MW2 multiplayer looks to be a very layered experience; the variability of weapon loadouts, perks, and killstreak rewards appear impressive. The promotions and ingame awards seem designed to keep you playing; the customized callsigns and accolades (recognition for in-game achievements like shooting down aircraft, etc.) are bound to be enticing. I was turned on just watching the XPs and promotions rack up for a player seemingly more mediocre than yours truly. (And they should be quick, too, since it's 75 levels per prestige.) MW2 even rewards you an extra 50 XP for every headshot; it's almost, dare I say, like a Monty Haul campaign in old paper and pencil D&D where you get boocoo rewards and treasure. A lotta laughs in those 2 vids, I gotta tell ya. There was a brief glimpse of the withering fire from a sentry gun in one vid. It looks very fast to set up since the killcam showed the enemy player plop it down and it immediately ventilated the other player's backside. Watching guys get shot in the ass never gets old. Wait. That didn't come out right... :)

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