12 December 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 12 December 2009

   Since my head is a solid block of mucus, only links today. Here ya go:
More Gaming Links:


The Rock said...

Here's a thought since today is the Army-Navy game (hey, I know it is mainly a game for the officers to brag about)- why don't they have an inter-services tournament or event for the active duty and retired, equipped with branch clan tags?

Just a thought since a lot of us sailors pretty much play this game to death as well!

Joker961 said...

(The email alert for your comment got put in my spam bin. My apologies for the late response.)

On the gaming forums I follow, there are sometimes suggestions for service guys to play together. This suggestion is even better, and I've featured it in today's blog. Thanks for reading and commenting, mate!

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