27 December 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 27 December 2009

She's got great, uh, guns.

   As noted in the vent post below, it was a pretty good gaming night for Matt and me. We were positive in almost every match, tho not always winning, unfortunately. We had a few games where people ran off over and over again to get shot or blown up. I've switched up my loadout a bit. For most maps, I've switched over to RPD with grip, claymore, and One Man Army/Cold Blooded/Ninja. With the grip, that RPD essentially turns into a 100 round assault rifle. Since I use the XIM360 mouse/keyboard adapter, it's easy just to tap the mouse button to let off a single shot. When aimed down the sights, It's pretty damn accurate. On Rundown, I was getting a lot of long distance headshots with it, including 1 guy, adre6181 (I think), who returned to the same spot three times. Three times. Each time he came back, I put a 7.62x39 pill into his head. We only lost a couple of games, and we were able to eke out a couple of close games by one or two kills. On Derail, the snow map, I've almost given up on using any sniper rifle. I've just switched to the M21 EBR, which I unlocked before I got sick, and the scope sway is pissing me right off. I got a couple of kills with it, but the amount of idle animation seems ridiculous. I stuck to the M93 Raffica with Scavenger, mostly. On a couple of matches on Derail, I've been camping the 3 story warehouse with the yellow forklift in it. I drop off a claymore near one of the staircases, and then, I plop down flat on top of some crates, giving me a view of all three doorways, the stairs, and the catwalk. On one match, using the Raffica, I was able to relieve an enemy of his silenced assault rifle, complete with a RDS. I perforated him with it on his return to the scene of the crime, plus a couple of more guys before I finally got fragged. 
   Matt64 had an uncommonly good gaming night, winding up on the game end kill cam twice. One particularly choice killcam had him ventilating the enemy's feet with his RPD. Two toasted tootsies FTW. On to the links:
   More Gaming Links:
   Non-Gaming Links:

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