28 December 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 28 December 2009

   Two of my favorite things...

    Yesterday, mhkwb tweeted that I should give the SCAR-H, which I had put away in favor of the M4A1 and the RPD, another test drive over the RPD. One of the interesting attributes of the RPD: Damage doesn't fall over distance. It's 40 unsuppressed/30 suppressed all the way to the end of the map (see right). That makes it pretty handy as an impromptu sniper weapon, even with the iron sights. For me, it's especially with the iron sights, since I really like the sight picture of the RPD. RDS aiming devices are great, but the weapons are balanced by having crappy hipfire accuracy when you have the RDS equipped. Still and all, what would happen to the search for knowledge? 
   I hooked up with Matt64 around 8 and we played for about 2 1/2 hrs. I did OK, starting out with the RPD. During an intermission, I equipped a slot with with the SCAR-H with FMJ, claymores, One Man Army. Well, what a difference. I reacquainted myself with the SCAR-H fast, and I rediscovered that I liked its open sight picture just as much as the RPD's. And, at long range, the SCAR-H is very accurate in both single-shot, burst, and sustained fire. Yeah, the damage drops to 30, but with FMJ's superior penetration, it kinda balances that out. That and the fact that health is only 30 points in hardcore. :)
    Matt64 and I were lucky to mostly get into lobbies were people were both communicating and playing tactically, as opposed to running blindly around getting fragged. We won 8 of 12 matches, and we lost those 4 due to run and gunners making themselves human targets. Plus, we had some teamkilling @holes on one or two games and guys sandbagging for the enemy team by running over and over to the same spot to get themselves conveniently shot. The enemy lost that one anyway.

    All in all, the SCAR-H and I are joined at the hip for now. Thanks to mhkwb for the suggestion! On to the links:
    More Gaming Links:
    Non-gaming Links:

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