29 December 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 29 December 2009

Return of the Girl with the Great Guns
    Reibo joined Matt64 and me for a bit of Modern Warfare 2 last night. It was a good night, overall, we won (I think) 13/18 games. Towards the end, I stopped keeping track of w/l and scores. Ironically, I had my best and worst games on Invasion (the map with the American base which we call the Embassy. In the first game, we were the OpFor, and the Rangers rushed hard from the American base to the gas station area where we spawned. The entire team was dead within seconds as we tried to assault the ladder side of the American base. I wound up the only one left in the game from the Ranger team and did just terrible, 1 and 9. Worst of all, the 1/9 translated into 0/9 after an accidental teamkill. The players who spawned in after everyone else left did much better. They came within 3 kills of winning. If I hadn't sucked and sucked hard, we (the new team) could have won.
    I had some vindication later on Invasion later, tho. We again spawned as the OpFor, but this time, we flanked right, moving through the buildings to the American base. I got killed early on and respawned in the field near the American base (marked with a white X on the map right). I claymored the covered approach on the left and my right rear flank and took cover behind the burned out car. From this position, I was able to pick off anyone approaching the American base from the South, while the rest of the team consolidated defensive positions in the building. I got 3 or 4 kills before I hauled ass towards the American base where we camped out (red Xs on the map right). I finished the game 12/2, which made me extremely happy after the ass-whupping I took on the same map earlier. Overall, I was negative in only three games, and none of my neg scores cost us any matches. In the disastrous Invasion game, everyone was negative and dashboarded but me. (In fact, except for that game, I was substantially positive in all our losses.)
    We won the last two matches despite being connected to a foreign server. Matt had another sweet killcam last night, too. On to the links:
    More Gaming Links:
    Non-Gaming Links:

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