31 December 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 31 December 2009

 Happy New Year to all, even Timmies!

    Short update today due to New year's preparations! Let's drive on!

    It was a pretty good Modern Warfare 2 gaming night, tho we were generally sucking more than yesterday (and by we I mean Matt and me; Reibo was kicking ass). We got off to a bad start with some connection and lobby problems. Right off the bat, the NAT settings were whacked. The night before, the router NAT settings had mysteriously changed themselves to moderate from open. Last night, Reibo had reset the router, and all of our NAT settings were strict for some reason. After some prodigious rebooting of Xboxes and running the Xbox Live connection tests, all NATS read open, and we were able to get fragging. 
    Stillm after partying up, we kept losing players in the game lobby. Someone would invariably disappear during the game countdown. We took at least one loss from having to back out due to disappearing players. Of course, it was hard to tell who was in and who was out because Infinity Ward didn't adopt the color highlight for partied players (which was so spiffy in World at War) in the Modern Warfare 2 lobby system. Douchebags.

    We won more games than we lost, mostly thanks to Reibo. We had some good games early on because we had a full team. On one Invasion game, I hardly needed to do a thing 'cuz the rest of the guys had every angle covered! After the dinner break, tho, it was just us three and the randoms. Unfortunately, some of those guys weren't playing Team Deathmatch, they were playing Team Free-for-All™. Most of them weren't using their headsets, anyway.
    My lowlight was on Skidrow. One of my non-communicative team-mates was rushing for an enemy crouched in the hallway leading out of the Spetsnaz spawn. I warned him about the enemy and launched a grenade, which accidentally killed my team-mate. He then graciously blew me up with his grenade launcher when he spawned back in. Douchebag. On to the links:
    More Gaming Links:
    Non-Gaming Links:

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