13 December 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming News, 13 December 2009

The life jacket is overpowered...

   The Infinity Ward forums are a hoot. The threads currently on display in the Modern Warfare 2 forum are virtually carbon copies of the threads in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare forums. There are dick measurement threads galore. Forumers will post thinly-disguised self-aggrandizement as queries about other players' stats. "Gee, my kill-to-death ratio is only 3.2. What's your (probably inferior) KDR?" Every weapon is overpowered. And, as always, campers suck the most.
   Most of the time, when you look at the stats of in-game weapons, it's a toss-up. Large damage is usually balanced by other factors like higher inaccuracy, low hip shooting accuracy, and slow aiming-down-the-sites, etc. The M16 was the most bitched about weapon in CoD4 multiplayer. It was the assault rifle Helen that launched a thousand overpowered bitch posts in the Infinity Ward forums. I hated the M16. It was essentially a single shot rifle. If I didn't hit my target right off, I was toast. In CQB, I found it useless. The other guy, typically with an assault rifle or a submachine gun, always got me first. I almost invariably missed a hip shot.
   Now, I always had issues with the hip shot accuracy with some of the ARs in CoD4. The M14 was ridiculous. You could fire from the hip from literally contact distance and still miss. I thought that was unadulterated bullshit. The M16 didn't suck as bad, but it still sucked.
   So, I ditched the M16 as soon as I unlocked other ARs, and I mostly stuck to the G36C, which I found the best of both worlds. Eventually, I came back to the M16, and I started using it as a quasi-sniper rifle. I made some incredible (for me) shots with the M16 from tactically positioned (camping) spots. I grew to love that rifle for area denial. If you had a good field of fire from a decent covered position, you could have a field day, no pun intended. But on maps that favored CQB weapons, I left the M16 in the locker and used the AK or other full-auto weapon.

   It's not the gun, it's the player. I found the Skorpion to be worthless for me, but many players managed to dominate with it by playing to its strengths. And it's the same for all the weapons in CoD4 and MW2. But try to get one of the bucketass forum posters to buy that. Well, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him think. On to the links:

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