15 December 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming News, 15 December 2009

   Reibo played a bit of Modern Warfare 2 last night, and I rode his coat-tails. We had to quit after a couple of hours, tho, as we both felt pretty crappy and were playing lousy. On the plus side, I managed to be positive in all but the 1st game, where I got my ass handed to me in a basket on Terminal. I managed to get the winning kill twice in one night; it's a cool thing to watch yourself like that. I got the Moneyshot challenge with the Predator, getting the winning kill with the missile. I had been running the 1st couple of games with a 4/5/7 killstreak set up (Care Package, Predator, and Helicopter), but I suck too bad to make that a winning combo. I switched back to 3/4/5 (UAV, Care Package, and Predator), and that seemed to work for me better. I don't think I'm ever going to get regular 7 kill streaks. This ain't World at War. :)
   We were freaked out today when on Afghan, we had the enemy hop up onto the Overhang position from the plane below. The enemy would just magically appear right in the middle of our formation. I started leaving claymores angled up, and managed to get him in payback one time. Usually, I hug the overhang wall and cover one of the two side approaches. We managed to pull out a win by two kills, but it was a tough game. 
   Had a decent game on Underpass, tho we weren't able to take/keep the high ground for long. My highlight was avenging Reibo; 3 enemy were rushing across the rain culvert towards the warehouse. He tipped me off, and I was able to ambush them as they came up, spraying all three with the M4. It was pretty sweet. On to the links:

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BuffaloRock73 said...

The unlimited ammo glitch is frighteningly real... if it is not fixed soon, most matches will become unplayable, especially since players can get dumped into a private match without warning. When the entire board starts shaking and the explosions come over and over again, it is an absolute embarrassing mess...

Joker961 said...

(Sorry for the late reply. The comment alerts have been landing in my spam bin.)

I was amazed at the number and severity of the bugs on MW2. Maybe because I play hardcore, I never ran across more than the rock glitchers.

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