03 December 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming News, 3 December 2009

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   It's a time of transition for a lot of PC gamers, especially the mappers and total conversion fans. Now, a lot of the mods which were based on the CoD series are switching or contempIating switching to another franchise. left the PC scene for social and cost reasons. I was addicted to upgrading PCs every couple of years, and it was just not worth it to me any more. The few guys I played PC games were gone; I played on the consoles because that's where my friends were playing.
   I stank up the maps on Modern Warfare 2 last night, going negative in nearly every game except the last one on Skid Row. I went 6 and 1 on that game, but we still lost. Except for best bud Matt64, it was all random douches, A lot of them went running around being bullet-sponges. I saw this one dude get ventilated in the video store, spawn next to me in a good covered position above the street, and then jump down to get killed in exactly the same spot. It wouldn't have been so bad except for the trash-talker on the enemy team who maintained we lost because we camped. No, we lost because we didn't camp. Only half the team was trying to maintain any tactical cohesion at all. The other three were running out to be easy kills. The Skid Row map has two major defensive areas; the Loading Dock and the Playground Street. Both areas have a left, middle, and right. If the team breaks up into 3 2 man teams or 2 3 man teams, each area can be held against a determined offense. Running around, as a tactic, works only when the enemy team is disorganized and loaded with dumbasses.

   I woke up around 4:30, tho, and Reibo and almost a full crew were playing. I did OK, but nothing major. My best moments were a few twitch kills with the M4A1 and a couple of long distance shots on Highrise (back of the Ranger offices to the helipad). I pulled that off two or three times on that map, going a meager 4/0. The bright spot was unlocking Scavenger Pro. Man, I love having the extra ammo... I mean, for an assault weapon, a 180 round reserve is standard: Thirty in the weapon and 6 mags in reserve. So, now I have at least 180 rounds for my AR of choice and 120 rounds for the machine pistol. Sweet!

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