08 December 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming News, 8 December 2009

Camping out for Timmies...

     I haven't played any Modern Warfare 2 in a few days, but I've been a Bystander to Fun a few times while Reibochief has played. (The intermittent refrain of "Bullshit!" has been ringing in the air in the HQ Bunker pretty frequently.) In the absence of the much-anticipated MW2 Xbox Live title update, there are still plenty of cheating bucketasses using the Javelin glitch and humping rocks on Afghan. And the Xbox Live suspensions continue to be dished out as the outraged Timmies are posting in the Xbox Live suspension forum. Other glitches and exploits continue to be found by the ever-inquisitive Timmies. Every game has flaws, and there's no guarantee that a public beta would have uncovered these, but, IW, I told you so. There. That feels better. 
   At least, a public beta would have uncovered that Infinity Ward's back-end local search algorithm didn't work for beans. The players in Australia would have found it out first thing, as they would have been dumped into an American lobby to be red bar cannon-fodder. The retail game worked OK the first day for them as North America was still standing in line for MW2; the Aussies were the only ones playing the game. The second day, when the Aussie gamers logged in to an Xbox Live loaded with American players, the Down Under red bar festival really started. The locale search function had been a manual toggle in CoD: W@W, and it had actually worked. That function had all been built into the back end of MW2's match-making, we were told. Back end is right.
   As noted in today's vent, Matt64 had some outstanding games. Here's his after-action report:   
I had 2 out standing games on Karachi I went 16-3. I even got to call in my attack chopper.
I used Rei tactics hit and run. Next game was the Embassy one. I got up in the sand bags by the flag and went 10-0 and got Fearless. Then I ran out of ammo so I had to scrounge - I had planted a claymore at the ladder the stairs and it popped. I grabbed his rifle and then went back upstairs they starte over running the flag so I retreated and shot a few more and then popped the guy with his own gun to go 14-0.
  Nice! Those moments are what keep a lot of us playing. I'm sure the Timmies have other motivations. I was privileged to be present at the "birth" of a Timmy: The other night, while waiting online at WalMart, I watched a Mom buying Modern Warfare 2 for her son, who couldn't have been more than 9 years old. She didn't even look at the box, and the cashier breezed right through the "Is the customer +17?" query on the register. Ch-ching! Another annoying squeaky-voiced little bastard is squirted out of the consumer womb to pollute Xbox Live!
   I wanted to ask her whether she knew the game was the equivalent of an R-rated movie. But I looked my typical geriatric biker best, and it would have been futile, anyway. "Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain." On to the links:
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