16 December 2009

Call of Duty Gaming News, 16 December 2009

Move along. Nothing to see here.

   No Modern Warfare 2 for either Reibo or me last night. We both felt pretty crappy. Matt64 played, tho, and he wound up in a lobby where the infinite ammo glitch was active. He said it was the tube-a-thon from Hell. A lot of the posts on the forums I prowl are pegging MW2's current multiplayer as virtually unplayable. I ordered a used copy of Battlefield: Bad Company yesterday. I'm going to give that a spin if things keep on spiraling downward on MW2.

   As you can tell from the pic above and the link below, all is not beer and skittles on the Infinity Ward forums. As reported here yesterday, fourzerotwo stopped tweeting long enough to make a cameo appearance on the Infinity Ward forums. He started getting broadsided by forumers and moderators alike on why everything is all screwed up and why he never posts anything in response to issues raised. His response was to demote CoKra, one of the best volunteer community moderators. JockYitch, the BASHandSlash head honcho, pretty much thinks CoKra was frazzled and needed a break. I dunno. I've been on the Infinity Forums for a long time, and I've seen a lot of good moderators leave. If Cokra's response is to be believed, the Infinity Ward volunteer community moderators have been kept in the dark on what's going on with the game. The response from fourzerotwo is that the mods are there to police the forum, not provide answers on game issues. Fair enough. Maybe there was a misunderstanding on what the actual role of the community mods is. But when things in a game are fracked up, and forums are overflowing with questions about game glitches, someone has to provide some kind of feedback to the players. Clearly, fourzerotwo, presumably someone in the know, doesn't do it with any frequency. But someone should.
   Treyarch isn't perfect, either. I hated that they took the tanks out of hardcore TDM. But, over and above that, I hated the sneaky, backdoor way they did it. But there was an announcement about it, even if the rationale behind the change was, IMO, complete and utter crap. And, at least, their community guy, JD_2020, does get on and post announcements and so forth a lot more regularly than anyone on the Infinity Ward forums does. Treyarch has been a lot more PC-friendly than Infinity Ward, too. That does matter, at least to me. On to the links:
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