22 December 2009

Morning vent, 22 December 2009

 Update @ 1334 hours:
   Well, the job interview went really well. The people were really friendly, and the position has a lot in common with the work I used to do. I got the impression that I was a good match for the job, and they seemed to realize that. I should know in a couple of weeks, tops, whether I got the job. The prospective start date is Jan. 4th. It's an easy drive up Rte. 84, too. I'll have time to finish a whole cigar on the way up and the way down. :)

   Not much of an update today. It's job interview day, and I'm feeling semi-well. Leaving in about 20 to get my errands run before shooting over to Connecticut. Still asking St. Jude and St. Anthony for the intercession on my behalf. Wish me luck!

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