26 December 2009

Morning Vent, 26 December 2009

I hope your Christmas was nice!

    There! Got the bland amenities out of the way! It was a really nice Christmas for us. We had a nice, quiet family Christmas, and that was just what the doctor ordered!
     Today, Matt is coming over for a long-delayed Modern Warfare 2 fest. He's been playing like a fiend, passing level 68. (When I stopped playing because of the cold we were both around level 55.) I hope to catch up a little today, God willing.
     Reibo and I picked up some new energy drinks, a green-tinted can of sugary venom called Frank's Energy Drink. We I use energy drinks to make up for our my failing reflexes and eye-hand coordination. I usually try to drink only the sugar-free versions, but in this case, it was the only version available. It's pretty harsh-tasting, but miles better than some of the stuff we've swilled over the years. They advertise using beerhall type girls:

I was going to make a joke
about taste, but this is a
family blog! :)

     See what I mean? How can something that uses advertising like that be bad? I ask you, how? And they have an interesting celebrity pitchman, too. Someone easily recognizable by old farts guys of my generation. Yep, that's right. Gene Simmons of Kiss drinks Frank's Energy Drink:

Drink Frank's and you, too, can
look like Gene Simmons!

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