22 January 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 22 January 2010

She's no Anne Parillaud, but still cute!

    As I wrote in yesterday's blog, I've been playing Battlefield: Bad Company's single player campaign, which I've found largely enjoyable. After all, you have to love a game which lets you putt into combat on a golf cart

   Game balance is a tricky thing. I think when people complain about weapon balance it tends to be because they're asking a weapon to do something it isn't meant to do. There's a reason why, IRL, assault rifles are the primary weapon for military forces: They combine the best features of combat rifles and submachine guns. Something like that has been done in MW2.

   It's tough for me to be definitive on the issue because I'm a hardcore player and a camper who plays with campers, and it's a drastically different game than non-hardcore. I really don't see many balance issues in the game myself. The weapon damage issue is practically moot in hardcore. Almost all weapons are one-hit kills. The stacking and effectiveness of killstreaks items are greatly lessened if you play as a team; if you have a sound strategy and communicating players, the other team won't have the opportunity to stack killstreaks. Also, hardcore limits the use of a lot of killstreaks because of friendly fire. If I'm lucky enough or have a Burst of Skill™ that nets me an AC-130, I can't plaster the map with 105mm rounds. I have to pick and choose so I don't kill my team-mates.

   Some stuff may be legitimately overpowered. Watching the videos of the 1887s in akimbo, it seems pretty clear that the range was excessive. But, again, in hardcore TDM for the guys I played with, it was hardly ever more than a momentary annoyance. If one Shotty McScattergun got past me, my partner would part his hair with an RPD, and the matter was closed...

   My gut feeling is that MW2 multiplayer is pretty balanced for a team-based game. If you're not playing as a team, then it isn't balanced. I don't think anything IW can do will change that since it's up to the players. Maybe they can have a no streaks, no perks, no attachments playlist and call it Team FFA or something. On to the links:

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