03 January 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming News, 03 January 2010

Sweet! And the girl's not bad!

     Last night, I tried switching over to the F2000 assault rifle for some rank-up action. We started out with only 3 in the party for the first 5 games: Matt64, Reibo, and myself. I should have known better. We had our asses handed to us in a basket. The most interesting game of that batch was on Terminal. One of the randoms on our team was a clan buddy of someone on the enemy team. Mysteriously, this guy, who had gone way positive and kicked our butts in an earlier match on Rundown, all of a sudden had 10 thumbs. We eked out a draw, but the douchebag was obviously sandbagging for his buddies on the enemy team.
    After the fifth match, we were a full crew, and the tables were turned with a vengeance. I quit screwing around and switched back to several flavors of the SCAR-H. I also put One Man Army on all the SCAR-H slots so I could switch back and forth from FMJ, to grenade launcher, and silencer at will. Since the top two or three players were just amazing (I mean, three to one KDRs nearly every game), I managed to stay low-positive in almost all the games. On a match on Sub Base, the freshly prestiged Matt64 was the Angel of Death, going 18/8 with killcam honors for clinching the game. My own little moment in the sunshine was on Skidrow. We spawned as the Rangers, and the enemy team pressed really hard towards the loading dock area. I got fragged twice just trying to make it to the second floor camping position. Once we forted up, the enemy pressed left, center, and right constantly. I lucked out with a Predator missile strike at the end. I was covering the tunnel from the second floor position. I popped two guys down at the end to get the Predator. The enemy was pressing from the right hard; unfortunately for them, one of them didn't have cold-blooded. I brought the missile down on his helmet, pulverizing him and two pals. I'm sure they appreciated their starring role on the game end killcam due to him being their missile magnet. We finished the night with 17 wins, 5 losses, and 1 draw. On to the links:
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