10 February 2010

Afternoon Vent, 10 February 2010

I'll do anything you want... Please!

    I'm hoping I'm fully past the stomach problems I've had off and on since yesterday. Last night, I managed to hook up with Reibo for some MW2 for a little while, tho I had to make an emergency run to the bathroom once. I played better sick than I usually play well. I had a nice game on Estate covering the left side of the power station with the FAMAS assault rifle. I got a couple of nice kills through the foliage at the top of the ridge near the camping house. I played a couple of medium-range maps (Quarry and Underpass) exclusively with the SMGs, principally the Vector and the MP5K. Using them more heavily, I see why up close and personal, I often lose against the SMG when I've got an AR. I also used the TAR-21, a rifle I usually hate, with some success on Skidrow, covering the tunnel. I'm trying to rotate the weapons to get the maximum XP out of them, since the chance of my getting some amazing run of kills is practically nil.
    Perkwise, I've also come to appreciate the Hardline perk. Since I don't get Cold-blooded for a few more levels, I'm getting some freebies from Hardline. The Tier 1 perk of choice is Scavenger, now ranked up to get extra ammo, which comes in handy on the SMGs. On my LMG class, I'm using Bling, since there's little likelihood that I'll live long enough to run out of ammo. :)

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