04 February 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 4 February 2010

   Haven't gamed at all these past couple of days; real life has intruded on the vastly more pleasurable virtual life. I hope to get online tonight. I really like gaming with a full crew since it minimizes the impact of my customary suckage. But I have to practically inherit a slot most nights. I'm not second string, I'm mopping the toilets in the locker room hoping the entire team gets wiped out by a freak lightning strike so I get a chance to suit up...  On to the links:

Featured Modern Warfare 2 YouTube Video

MW2 TDM with M4 by killthrash (Dual Commentary).

"To make things a bit more clear, here are the top 5 best-sellers in 2009 (compiled by NPD):
1. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (Activision): 11.86 million
2. Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo): 7.57 million
3. New Super Mario Bros Wii (Nintendo): 7.41 million
4. Wii Fit Plus (Nintendo): 5.80 million
5. Wii Fit (Nintendo): 5.44 million"

    More Gaming Links:
    Non-Gaming Links:


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