11 February 2010

Morning Vent, 11 February 2010

If you don't end up like this, it's
not much of a party... 

    A very Happy 50th Birthday to my bud, Bob Phillips! We're hoping to get together tonight to celebrate his imminent decrepitude with some adult beverages down at our local pub.
    Last night, I played some MW2 with Reibo, Matt64, and JKDJose. Matt64 had a screaming good game on Highrise, laying waste to the enemy team with the RPD. He had a good camping position on the right, hosing anyone making the approach to the building front. I finally managed to make it to level 25 to get the flipping Cold-blooded perk back, and I wasted no time in plugging it in on all my classes.
    Afterwards, I joined Reibo for a private match of 3rd person free-for-all. It was really disorienting, and everyone was blasting me from everywhere. I was using the default LMG class, so I had no Cold-blooded on and the always-on narc-map gave away my position as soon as I fired. Naturally, the flashing red dot would attract all players to my position so that I could take turns being their bitch. If I ever get into one of those fooling-around games again, I'll equip the RPD and bling it with the grip and silencer. I managed to come out positive by one measly kill, but, considering the high level of skill of the other players, even that felt like a triumph. And, truthfully, there's a savage satisfaction about pulverizing someone at contact distance with the LMG. It feels like... victory.

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