13 February 2010

Morning Vent, 13 February 2010

Big scope on a little gun...
    I unexpectedly played an extra long session of Modern Warfare 2 last night, finally hanging up the mouse and keyboard at 2AM. JKDJose hung in till 10PM; Reibo continued playing long after. Few heroics on my part, as I was playing somewhat under my usual mediocre level. I did manage to snag the killcam on one good Sub Pen match, and I closed out a buttload of challenges for 10,000 XP.
    One particular annoyance was a team killer on that match, some douche who apparently objected to my camping. So, he TKed me three times on Sub Pen and a couple of times on the next map, Terminal. I got totally discombobulated on that map and wound up going 6/12, including the 3 TKs. We left the lobby to leave his @hole TKing ass behind, and he sent me a message: "You do camp too much." Douchebag. I awarded him the coveted Avoidance Achievement™ on Xbox Live and blocked his communication.
    I seemed to have a lot of negative streaks in general last night. I always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It felt worse than it actually was; we were running with one or two randoms for a while (including the campophobic @hole described above) which makes things chaotic.
    Had a couple of really good games, tho. Had a really good one on Scrapyard, camping the second floor above the power station. I picked off guys from the window with a secondary weapon, a rarity for me. On Wasteland, I've switched to the Blinged RPD with grip and silencer. It's a pretty good stealth combo for me, since I suck at sniping. My aim sucks, so the large magazine capacity makes up for it somewhat. The grip essentially turns the LMG into a large capacity assault rifle. The MG4 or LSW86 with RDS instead of silencer also seem to work for me on Favela, since I usually try to hold the high ground at the top of the hill. On Quarry and Underpass, I've largely gone SMG, rotating whichever weapon is closest to a challenge completion. On medium-range maps like Estate, I'm currently favoring the FAMAS with RDS or grenade launcher. I'm trying to avoid falling into a rut. When I stuck the SCAR-H in every slot, I found myself getting a bit bored. The fast ADS of the SMGs is great on maps where you have to turn tight corners.

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