14 February 2010

Morning Vent, 14 February 2010 (Valentine's Day)

She unlocked the AK-47... and my heart!
    Happy Valentine's Day to all!
    Matt64 has repeatedly requested that I use a larger font for the Links, so I'm trying that today. I'll see how it looks... We managed to get together last night for some MW2 hardcore TDM. Reibo, Matt64, JKDJose, and myself teamed up for a few hours and had a nice evening of gaming without any glitchers. There were the usual poor losers and ungracious winners, tho. One foul-mouthed crew beat us on Afghan and said it was because we camped. When they got beaten on the next map, they said it was because we camped. I guess I missed the press release where Infinity Ward patched the playlist as Team Free-for-all™. Douchebags.
    Valentine's Day link:

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