17 February 2010

Morning Vent, 17 February 2010

Kyra Sedgwick shows good trigger discipline.
    I played some MW2 last night with Reibo, Matt64, and JKDJose. Matt had a scorching good night, tho he had to leave early. He went positive in nearly every game with his best game on Quarry, going 14/5. I managed to stay positive, tho I had a couple of decidedly undistinguished games. My best game was on Highrise, where I camped the right side hallway, gunning down dumbass after dumbass coming in from either side. I was using the Vector, of all things, with the RDS. The only other standout game for me was on Scrapyard, where I lucked out with the killcam using the silenced AUG LMG.
    When aiming down the sights and being real careful with the trigger, the grip doesn't seem necessary. It's really useful for sustained bursts, tho. I'm a pray and spray guy, so I'm torn whether I'll keep using the grip or the silencer, or Blinging them both.

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