20 February 2010

Morning Vent, 20 February 2010 (Complaint Edition)

Akimbo is OK... for the Glock Girl!

    Today's Vent features a Modern Warfare 2 vid by Slaiyer323 discussing multiplayer balance issues. The video was uploaded to YouTube on 2 February 2010, so the recent patch has addressed some of these issues already. Frankly, I think complaints about Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, except for the glitches, are overblown. Except for Free-for-all, it's a team-based game. If you play on and with a team, a lot of these bitches are moot. If you play objective and team death match game types like they are free-for-all, you reap what you sow. Here's the vid:

How to fix MW2 according to Slaiyer323

    1) Killstreak items\vehicles: Well, there aren't any vehicles, really, and Slaiyer323 says nukes are easy to get. Are they really, if you're not boosting? I doubt that even a significant minority of players are ever going to get a nuke fairly. His criticism might apply to some really skillful players who take advantage of objective based games to rack up kills, rather than cap flags, so the nuke might be removed from CTF, Domination, etc. As for other killstreak bonuses, like Predator or the Chopper Gunner, are they really overpowered? Does a noob getting an AC-130 from a care package break the game? Slaiyer323 suggests not letting the kills from killstreak bonuses stack, making primary weapon kills they only way to earn the successive bonuses. One solution offered by YouTuber petertehmeeter makes sense: Take the AC-130 out of the care package.
    2) Tactical insertion & boosting go hand-in-hand. We're not all TheSandyRavage, so I think this should be fixed.
    3) Care package glitch. (Patched)
    4) "Classic" Playlist. This would be a good idea, and it might satisfy those who agree with Slaiyer323's 10 points.
    5) Spawning. Spawning is a non-issue, since it was never fixed to anyone's satisfaction in any CoD game. Unless you have a single, fixed spawn area like in Team Fortress, you're never going to guarantee a safe spawn. You could do it Return to Castle Wolfenstein-style: Give the player in respawn a choice: Spawn in the rear or at the action. Bad Company 2 has this feature, and it works OK.
    6) "All guns balanced, but overpowered." I disagree strenuously. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Balanced, but overpowered? This isn't (and shouldn't be) Halo where you have to AR, grenade and bitch-slap combo the enemy to get a kill. I hate that shit. For my money, the weapons in hardcore are perfect.
    7) Snipers should always be a one-shot kill. Agreed. In hardcore, they pretty much are, except when silenced at extreme range.
    8) Last Stand & Final Stand. Do they really make 90% of the MW2 players angry? Seriously.
    9) 1887 Akimbo/Bling range bug. (Patched)
   10) Commando knifing. I can't knife for shit. I'm too slow, and my aim is usually way off. Again, except for Free-for-All, I don't see this as an issue. Someone employing this perk against a team won't get much traction. End of line.

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