21 February 2010

Morning Vent, 21 February 2010

Wonder where her holster is... ;)

    We only played for a few hours last night. I opened an abyss of suck and fell right in. We had a really, really good game early on on Skid Row. We spawned as the Rangers and held down the loading bay area. A random on our team kept rushing across right into enemy fire, over and over. Reibo finished that game 17/4, Matt was 10/5, and I finished 8/1. The rusher was 7/16... A later game on Skid Row didn't turn out as well. We spawned as the Spetsnaz and tried to hold down the apartment block area. Again, we had a rusher. After he'd been killed 4 or 5 times, we told him to stop rushing out. He told us we should move out and get some kills. I responded that going negative wasn't going to win us the game. Most ironically, he dashboarded at the end of the game. We won anyway without his rushing "skills". Douchebag.
    Reibo ragequit early on after a random team-mate turned out to be a sand-bagger for the enemy team. The dude went 4/20 standing still as a human target for his pals. They all fled the lobby afterward, and Mr. Sandbag hung around for a few seconds till Reibo asked him whether he was going to go play with his friends who'd just left. Reibo ragequit shortly after that. I followed suit, switching over to some Netflix streaming, enduring an unbelievably bad documentary about SF author Phillip K. Dick. Reibo got on later after he got spammed with cellphone texts begging him to join a private knifing match, and the crew went back on Live a little while later. I was too tired to rejoin and called it a night.

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