03 February 2010

Morning Vent, 3 February 2010

My kinda girl: Nerdy with a gun.

    Have my rescheduled DOL meeting early this AM, so I have to blog in the wee hours today. One aspect of yesterday's drive back from Watson Research was extremely pleasant: I got to enjoy an entire premium cigar. I smoked an Indian Tabac Corojo to steel my nerves as I dodged cars doing light speed on the Taconic Parkway. My friend Matt advised me to smoke only after the interview, lest I offend with my cigar smoker reek, and I followed his sage advice, tho it made the drive down to Watson a tad nerve-racking. Every time I drive on the Taconic it amazes me how drivers blaze down that route swerving this way and that mere inches from cars in the next lane.

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