28 February 2010

Snowed out...

[Update @ 1950 hrs: Rick reconned the route near the HQ, and there are some Central Hudson trucks nearby. Believe in miracles.]

No more blog updates till I have power and internet back.

   Just a quick note...
   We got snowed out really badly, as everyone saw on the news. We lost our power and telephone/internet on Friday around 1AM, tho the power had been flickering on and off (booting Reibo and me off Xbox Live) since 7ish PM on Thursday evening. No idea when we're going to get it back. Central Hudson crews are out all over patching things back together. We're taking turns keeping a generator going over at the HQ so we don't get flooded out. Hopefully, Central Hudson can get things back together soon so things can get back to normal. Say a prayer all.

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