14 March 2010

Morning Vent, 14 March 2010

I wonder what her merit badge is for...

    Well, another night of MW2 gaming was cut short due to power problems. While Reibo and I were in the pre-game lobby with JKDJose, Big Bad Wolfe, Koala Lama, and BG Johnny, the power went out on us for a minute or so. After it came back on, we messaged everybody that we were thru for the night. A while later, the power went out again momentarily, reinforcing our decision. It was a mercy killing for me. I got annihilated on Highrise by a team using FMJ attachments to spam through all the walls. I did manage to get a Rival challenge by shooting one guy 5 times in the same match, but it was cold comfort considering I went double-negative in the match. There was no way to hold down any area at all since the bullets came flying through multiple walls like they weren't even there... And, of course, graciousness was in short supply on the winning team, also. Douchebags.

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