17 March 2010

Morning Vent, 17 March 2010 (Saint Patrick's Day)

A toast to Matt and Patty!

 I'll be doing some more
toasting later at Moroney's!
    A very Happy Anniversary to Matt and Patty! God bless you both & keep you healthy and happy as long as you live!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day
(and hands where I can
see 'em, bitches)! 

  I'm not an Irish cailín with a gun,
but I play one on TV...

    Today is Lá Fhéile Pádraig, Saint Patrick's Day, celebrating the patron Saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. As noted in the linked wiki article, Saint Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland. If he were around today, he might be tasked with chasing the snakes out of Washington, D.C., a task which would require something stronger than a stout sail éille (shillelagh). He might use it to knock some sense into their heads, tho.
    Have you any idea how difficult it is to find Saint Patrick's Day graphics which don't look cheesy? I gave up... Now try finding a graphic of a cute Irish girl with a gun. I had to settle for Gabrielle Anwar from Burn Notice, whose deliciously vicious Fiona Glenanne is one of my all time favorite gungirls.

(Just watch a few seconds)

Willem Dafoe Boondock Saints

And the real thing...

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